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Private Blog Network Posting and Management Software Just Got BrowSEO’d!

If you are using private blog networks (PBN’s) and are not using PublisHUB to post and manage them its truly a travesty!

This video shows how you can use the full power of BrowSEO’s PublisHUB Software and push content out to you wordpress.com slef hosted wordpress and self hosted Drupal sites with more to come using PubliSHUB

  • Import unlimited PBN’s
  • Track anchor texts and ratios automatically
  • Checks if your sites are indexed
  • Check the MOZ scors (ahrefs and Magestic coming soon)


If you don’t have BrowSEO – learn about it here https://browz.io/browseo-v3/

This PBN management software does everything from posting to money sites and your PBN site in TOTAL control and with ZERO footprints since our oftware uses the API and not reliant on thrid party plugins etc.

For more about How BrowSEO is the ultimate PBN Management software this please check out this page hhttps://browz.io/browseo-v3/

UPDATE: If you are looking for PBN hosting or managed Private Blog network management software then I recommend https://www.easyblognetworks.com/ as one of the easiest and stress free to use and are almost a full solution the only thing they dont cover is the posting and that is where the BrowSEO PBN Poster will come in.

In response to inquiries BrowSEO is not a hosting solution but covers everything else when you are looking to manage your PBN network.

Building links is the core of what we do as SEO’s and what gets a site to the top of the search results. Managing all the information and tools needed to index check, authority check, passwords, usernames, and the files that contant all this data is overwhelming and annoying. BrowSEO is  a full solution (minus the hosting) with an innovative anchor text ratio tracker to make sure you never over optimize again.

Like this:

anchor text tracking

Just import your PBN list with the Dynamic importer (any format works) then start posting to your money sites and PBN sites using BrowSEO and everything gets tracked for you locally on your computer and before posting you can open up the tracker and be sure your not going to us an anchor text you have already used ensuring you dont get hit with the most and EASIEST penalty to be hit with – the dastardly over optimization penalty!!

Please use the comments below to ask anything about the PBN management and posting element of the BrowSEO software suite.

Simon D.

SEO/SMM/Software Developer/Husband/Father/Cookie Monster - Connect with others in a meaningful and engaging way. Peer to Peer. Not Bot 2 Bot. My personal nightmare - having a social media conversation with a bot.

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