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content samurai review

Content Samurai Review Shows How Incredibly Fast and Easy it is to Use!

Content Samurai Review: Video Creation at its Fastest and Easiest!

content samurai demo

I was SHOCKED when I logged in after having not used Content Samurai for a while, I was logging in to create a promotional video for BrowSEO when I saw the all new templates they have added. I thought I need to do a Content Samurai Review of this for you!

Ok so I know your busy, there are tons of video creation software out there, why this?

Its so dead simple – and I love dead simple. When you combine dead simple and fast with high quality you have a super winning formula!

Pump out high quality videos in just a few minutes with Content Samurai.

content samurai vcoieover

I’m not here to push video marketing, but you probably know how big video is. Everything is video and Google loves video, Google love YouTube the most for obvious reasons! They recently added a new 3-block on the front page of Google for a lot of results. This is making it even more attractive to get into video marketing, or to add video marketing into the mix, if you’re not already.

Video marketing is huge and If you’re not doing some form of video marketing, then there is a massive slice of traffic your neglecting.

Enough about that – The reason I’m here promoting this Content Samurai Review video, is this is the best way to get high quality videos made. Including built in voice overs and audio, not to mention you can upload your own audio and it will auto sync every auto-magically. You don’t have to spend time fiddling with timelines and different audio files. Complicated software or anything like that.

Just Paste in The Text and Content Samurai with Do EVERYHITNG Else.

Watch this video Demo and Review to discover Content Samurai, and see it in action.

[bctt tweet=”It has to be the easiest and fastest way to create high quality videos.”]

If you have already used Content Samurai in the past, you are in for a treat!

You need to see all the new additions like new themes they have been adding, and if you have never used it before now, it’s your chance to jump in at a reduced, low monthly with all the extras included – perfect time for this Content Samurai Review

The normal price for Content Samurai is $47/month which really isn’t bad. To make it even better the discount I got you (25% OFF) will bring it down to just $35 a month, and you can obviously cancel at any time.

Click the link below – you’ll be taken DIRECTLY to the Content Samurai Checkout via Papal – Make sure it says $35.

This Content Samurai Review video was made using Content Samurai

Just paste in the text, make sure you have all the formatting right. Like commas and periods, no run-on sentences or the videos wont be perfect.

It will then find the most relevant images for each slide. Normally about 80% of them are a good match, (100% good enough if its just a quick filler video you don’t really expect lots of people to see). The rest you need to take a minute or two here and there perfect yourself. It’s not needed to create the videos, but if these are meant for tier 1 or money site content you are going to want to spend a few extra minutes making it perfect. After all, if someone sees it you want them to watch it and share it.

What I love the most about using Content Samurai – is that everything is there. 100% of everything needed to create eye popping viral videos that look, sound and feel the part. Everything at your fingertips.

Content Samurai has taken the pain out of creating high quality video. Simple as that. Turned it into an easy 1-2-3 step process.

Making high-quality and perfectly synchronized voice-overs is a pleasure to do with Content Samurai. Everything is on a sentence to sentence basis. That means if you mess up half way through the voice over – you don’t need to start from the beginning. Just that sentence. BTW, this Content Samurai Review took me less time than any other review video I ever made, and I think it came out pretty good, right?

This feature alone reduced the time it takes (and stress) to make a video and the voiceover down by hours!

Whether you want to make a quick viral video, or a long high quality sales letter. Or just a video for a training course you are doing, just pick the right template and go!

Content Samurai, in my opinion is worth at least $97/month and at that price is still an amazing deal considering;

  1. You Can Create Unlimited Videos
  2. And you get access to over 125,000,000 Royalty Free Images
  3. As well as over 40 Stunning Video Templates
  4. And you also get over 30 Popular Fonts
  5. Auto-Intelligent Image Selection
  6. Automatic Text to Speech Technology
  7. Automatic Sync of Audio and Visuals
  8. Automatically Bolds Keywords, Add the Ken Burns Effect (which is that cool panning and zooming effect), as well as Transitions & Animating the Text
  9. As well as Full Motion Video Backgrounds
  10. Landscape & Square videos for any situation, Facebook, Instagram, Google plus…
  11. Customizable Templates & Branding – make it your own.
  12. And then of course Upload Your Own Images, Videos, Voice Tracks, Watermarks & Your Own Music

Here is the link to get Content Samurai, it will go directly to their check out on PayPal.  I got you a 25% discount instead of the free trial, bringing your monthly down from $47/month to just $35/month.

Click Here To Get 25% Off. Discounted membership to the world’s fastest and most intelligent video creation system for the life of the subscription.

And that the reason for this in depth Content Samurai Review, you just saved 7 days and 25% which is just under $150 a year saving.

Talk to you soon


P.S. If you just scrolled down here, please at least watch the video above, it will tell you everything and show you the software in action. Your here already, I put this up for you to really take advantage of – watch the video and if you want to just skip to the part of the Demo at 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

P.P.S. The demo in the video is at 3:25 so jump to that point and watch the me make a really nice video in under 5 minutes!

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