Getting Started

Getting Started With BrowSEO

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Here we go over the basics of setting up your first persona and how everything is connected.

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Course Structure

Setting up Your First Persona

We cover setting up your first persona and navigating your way around the console.

Getting To Know The BrowSER's

In this training video we look at Firefox and the BrowSEO customization's as well as Chrome. Time sync and canvas fingerprinting and browser leaks such as WEB-rtc and more.

Importing Global Bookmarks

Each time a new project is opened for the first time you will be prompted to import the global bookmarks from the legacy system like this. If you have never used or don't need to import them then just ignore and close the windows down.

Customising Firefox Add-ons

Here we look at how to add global add-ons and activate the imacro add-on.