Creating IAM role for use in the Browseo EC2 Admin Panel

Navigate to and log into your AWS consule if you dont have an account create a new account with them.

You should see something that looks like this click on Identity & Access Management.


After the page finishes loading you should get navigated to a page that looks like this click the users option in the dashboard


You should see a page that looks like this select create new user


Create the user


Download Credentials the file will have the key and secret you will need to use in the admin panel


Now from the IAM dashboard after you have downloaded the credentials and the closed the previous screen click the new user that you created.


Now you can click attach policy to grant the newly created user access to use the AWS Ec2 features. Remember when creating a key for yourself you should give yourself full access by selecting the policy AmazonEC2FullAccess. For other users such as outsourcers or members of your Browseo taskforce you should only grant them access to AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess or create a new account for them. This will prevent your aws account from being misused and you will also be able to monitor the ec2 access of the IAM user and shut the user down if you need to without it affecting anyone else

To attach the policy click Attach Policy in the new window that was created after clicking the new user’s nameawsIAM7

Type ec2 into the filter box and select the policy you would like to grant the user.



That’s it your done you can now use the Key and Secret Key you downloaded in step 6 to access the admin panel.

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