Adding New Queries to The Prospector

While looking for some new pre defined queries to add to the prospector I came across this list.

10000 Search Engine Queries for your Link Building Campaign

Here I present to you, the most exhaustive list of beginners and advanced search engine queries which can help you greatly in finding potential linking partners.You can also use CTRL F + ‘Search Term’ to find what you are looking for.

Search Queries Menu

#1 Find industry resources #14 Find Higher Education institutions
#2 Find sites where you can list your website #15 Find Library Sites
#3 Find non-profit organizations which accepts donations #16 Find Research Council Sites
#4 Find websites to promote your tools,badges, widgets & infographics for Link Building #17 Find government institutions
#5 Find blogs which review products #18 Google Search Operators
#6 Find websites which review products #19 Google Advanced Search
#7 Find Industry Specific Q & A #20 Google Search Operators for Images
#8 Find blogs which accept sponsored/paid reviews #21 Google Search Operators for Google Blog Search
#9 Find Industry Specific Social Profiles #22Bing Search Operators
#10 Find Industry Specific Events #23 Find guest post opportunities
#11 Find Google Public User Profiles #24 Find Link Reclamation Opportunities
#12 Find Chamber of Commerce Site #25 Find niche blogs
#13 Find primary and secondary education institutions #26Find Interview Opportunities



Find Websites where you can find industry resources:

Keyword + “top 10 resources”/”top resources”
Keyword + “top 10 sites/”top sites”
Keyword + “top 10 websites”/”top websites”
Keyword + “top 10 articles”/ “top articles”
Keyword + “top 10 tools”/”top tools”
Keyword + “top 10 web resources”/”top web resources”
Keyword + “top 10 internet resources”/”top internet resources”
Keyword + “top 10 online resources”/”top online resources”

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So I figured there was no point. Here is 10,000 useful footprint to help you find quality and relevant back links for everything you can imagine.

In fact I challenge you to comment below with a footprint not on that list!

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