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simon suitFrom:
Simon Dadia

RE: Creating, Posting, Automating Social Media and SEO

Dear Fellow SEO and Social Media Marketer,

I used to be like you, I used to manage 100's and even 1000's of social media accounts for hundreds of different companies. Hundreds of Twitter accounts, Gplus accounts, Facebook accounts and more for the numerous arms of each business.

Some would have a customer service persona, a sales persona, a tech support or general support persona a different persona to manage brand messages, you name it, it was segmented, monitored and tracked and that's just one company!

Things Became Overwhelming ...

You see, there were no tools to help me manage and post to every site I needed.

I was constantly neglecting certain sites I shouldn't be, simply because of the limitations of the tools available.

I needed to be able to create, manage and post to an unlimited number of sites (we're talking hundreds and even thousands in some cases) with no restrictions.

I needed to be able to keep track of everything for each project and persona.

All the logins, proxies used, the sites we were posting to for each project.

What I hated most was after months working on a profile I would come back to login and so many times would just be deleted and banned.

Plus ...

  • I felt like I was constantly tip-toeing around watching my back the whole time worried my campaigns would get deleted and I would have to start over from scratch. It was imposible for me to scale up using text files and excel spreadsheets (especially since I HATE them) I needed to break out of feeling like an admin and start feeling like an Internet Marketer.
  • Just like you I tried every social media tool out there and in the end they were all the same - Glorified remote posters and even they didn't support all the sites and platforms I needed regularly!
  • I also spent thousands of dollars hiring outsourcers to try and code something to help with the load, but I didn't have any luck ... just thousands of dollars spent.
  • It wasn't just the management ... I needed to be able to login, and use these accounts to increase the authority and engagement on 100's and 100's of social media accounts for 100's of clients.

And if that wasn't enough ...

On top of all the work we were doing, I also needed to manage my entire network of blogs and money sites with the utmost precision so I can post with the same control and options like I'm in the dashboard (tags, categories, featured image, etc.).

BUT ... more than anything, I needed it secure and away from prying eyes and ZERO footprints.

And let's not forget about the dozens of VA's and outsourcers on my team.

I needed to manage their activity, completed tasks, workflow - I would cringe at the thought of all those tasks.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Simon Dadia and I have been an internet marketer for over 15 years now, having spent the last 8 years dedicated almost entirely to SEO and Social Media Traffic strategies.

I am the EX-COO of an internet marketing agency called Noam Design LLC, a full service web design and marketing agency.

As the COO I was personally responsible for 100's and even thousands of Social Media accounts and SEO campaigns.

I am currently the VP of marketing for a new #-Cig Start Up and spend the rest of my time consulting for some of the most trafficed sites on the internet.

I say all that because I want you to know that I'm just like you.

I'm in the trenches every single day ... putting in the work.

That's why I know what I'm about to share with you will revolutionize your business and life forever.

The $100,000 Test ...

I basically needed $100K to test an idea that may or may not be my dream software and may or may not even be possible to make ... things felt a little hopeless and I was starting to get desperate.

I decided to go home early and brainstorm over a BBQ with my partner ...

I got home and fired up the BBQ and started to explain the problems we were facing and how we were going to have to either stop taking on new clients or hire a few helpers.

And since stopping to take on new clients wasn't an option  at the time, we decided to take on a few developers to try out and see what we could come up with.

Now this is the interesting part, my little brother who just happens to be a high level military developer was staying at my place for a few weeks while on leave from the army and overheard my entire conversation.

He said "I think I can help you out here, I just learned some cool new stuff at base and I have a really good idea".

I think those were exactly the words he used - to which I replied "You're alright, don't worry about it we got it covered" as if my baby brother is going to solve all my problems at work!

I was literally laughing!

He then, with a very serious face started to tell me about a project he was working on at base as a side project for his unit to help his commander manage 100's of IT related projects, work flows, file transfers, and managing teams remotely.

I sat up and listened a little closer as he told me about the perfect framework to get my project started and get this he already bypassed months and months of time and dev costs!

High-Level Elite Military Developer?

So not only do I get a high level elite military developer, I was also able to bypass months of development time and costs and after years of struggling with all my SEO and Social media marketing management, just like that I'm getting fast tracked with the best quality work on the planet. It's a dream come true.

I could hardly contain myself, needless to say my partner was over the moon about this discovery.

I could not believe my brother was working on a very similar system but for a totally different reason with a little tweaking this would be the perfect start ...

... it literally felt like the luckiest thing that ever happened to me.

Here's why ...

  • I could now get my dream tool built and get some of my life back!
  • Now imagine being able to manage and post and automate any page or task online with ZERO limitations.
  • You can click a button now and have everything about that persona or client at your fingertips – ready to login and engage.
  • Now you can manage your own workflow for all your projects as well as for all your VA’s and outsourcers, streamlining everything you do saving you hours and hours.
  • And the best part is you don’t need $100,000 to build it!

We call it ... BrowSEO.

Here's What People Are Saying About BrowSEO ...

Steve Baily

My staff and I love this tool. It has saved us hours in the work week of our team. We are also getting fewer banned accounts. I can not imagine going without this tool at this point.

Steve Baily
PJ Southall

BrowSEO Rocks!! I Love it. It took a lot of the tasks that i jumped from platform to platform to do and put it under one roof, and allowed me to do this on multiple accounts and personas simultaneously. This is one of the best software programs in my toolbox!

PJ Southall
Dirk Hazeleger

I love this software. Browseo is the best software purchase I’ve made this year. Simon has constantly been attentive to our suggestions and has built a must have piece of software. No more clearing cache, remembering passwords or thumbing through spreadsheets. It allows you to operate as if you are on the persona’s personal computer.

Dirk Hazeleger
Grant Crilly

BrowSEO is the best solution I’ve come across so far for managing our SEO “alter egos.” I am glad I was in the right place at the right time when this product was originally offered… and it just keeps getting better and better!

Grant Crilly

BrowSEO - the world's first fully dedicated SEO and Social Media Automation BrowSER

Here's how it works: BrowSEO is a desktop app that works on Windows and with Apple if you have VM ware or Parallels installed.

Plus, it helps you manage control, post and automate anything and any site on the web for any niche for unlimted profiles, personas and projects, and we're just starting to scratch the surface.

Here's what else you can do ...

  • Find the hottest content on the web in seconds so you can build an online presence that generates traffic, gets you leads and make you more money.
  • Manage and post to unlimited sites and with BrowSEO IA - Intelligent Automation - and automate the web for you one at a time or multi-threaded.
  • Manage and post with confidence to your PBN and Money sites with ZERO footprints, anchor text ratio tracking and never over optimize again.
  • Now you can post in total 100% control Like your WordPress, tags, categories, featured images, excerpts all remotely ... Fly below the radar with every type of footprint covered from canvas fingerprinting to WebRTC and more for TOTAL on the fly control.
  • Manage and control yourself and an army of outsourcers with BrowSEO Task force, send calendar updates to you or your VA's phone and calendar, built in chat and file transfer system for VA's and outsourcers.
  • Transfer cache, cookies, history, IP's, Proxies, Passwords all via Amazon encrypted Cloud servers for lightning fast and safe file transfers where ever you are.

The Perfect Mix Of Automation And Manual Control - Spend Less Time On Account Management And More Time Driving Traffic, Getting More Traffic, Leads and Sales For You And Your Clients

BrowSEO - Persona Manager - $297

BrowSEO's proprietary system never before seen let's you stay in control and post to unlimited personas and unlimited social media accounts all from one military grade app.

BrowSEO PBN Total Control - $197

Control and post to your entire PBN for WordPress, and Drupal based sites (more platforms soon) .

NEVER over optimize your sites again with BrowSEO's one of a kind anchor text ratio tracker - just post and everything is tracked in your dashboard for a birds-eye view of your entire backlink profile for unlimited sites.

BrowSEO PublisHUB - $97

Publishing platform with total control on every element exactly like your posting from your WordPress dashboard. Post in absolute control with tags, categories, images, videos, featured image and excerpt's.

Power users can post to multiple sites at once spin everything from the title to the tags, categories and even the images, videos, featured images and excerpts as well - TOTAL CONTROL.

BrowSEO FB ConverSEO - $297

Connect unlimited Facebook accounts and drill down any niche in a matter of seconds revealing you the best performing content across the web virtually guaranteeing your content to be a hit - Now just share it with your unlimited profiles and personas!

BrowSEO Prospector - $67

Find unlimited back linking sources. Forums to jump into conversations, Social feeds to engage, find targeted and relevant back-links and drive traffic with the prospector.

BrowSEO IA - Intelligent Automation - $1,997

Automate the web the way it was supposed to be. Never before seen social automation saving you literally hundreds and hundreds of hours - Your free to get any custom scripts made and imported into BrowSEO for use across ALL your profiles with ZERO limitations.

-BrowSEO IA Built in Modules

-Facebook Automation - $197

-Google Plus Automation - $197

-Pinterest Automation - $197

-Twitter Automation - $197

-Reddit Automation - $197

-IFTTT Automation - $197

(The above mentioned scripts cannot be purchased online - effectively deeming them priceless)

And there is so much more automation coming...

BrowSEO Curation - $97

Curate from every part of the APP - Just highlight and send to PublisHUB with block quotes and URL linking back formatted perfectly for curation.

Curate directly from the RSS reader, the prospector and webpages for perfectly curated snippets of content.

BrowSEO Task Force - $197

Manage yourself with calendar reminders. Set yourself tasks, link projects to calendar reminders, set email alerts and auto update google calendar all via API to stay on top of deadlines and to keep yourself organized.

Upgrades available in members are for managing teams of outsourcers where you can transfer projects, set outsourcers tasks and manage them all from the BrowSEO Task Force - transfer everything from cookies and cache so you never lose an account or even have to login to accounts again.

With so much already built in like the indexer module, YouTube URL'r, RSS Masher, PVA API solution (yes a built in phone verification system connected via api to a service!) RSS Reader and full back up options and export options to and from any format with our dynamic importer and exporter you’re in control of everything the whole time.

So Here’s EVERYTHING You Get …

  • BrowSEO - Persona Manager - $297 Value
  • BrowSEO PBN Total Control - $197 Value
  • BrowSEO PublisHUB - $97 Value
  • BrowSEO FB ConverSEO - $297 Value
  • BrowSEO Prospector - $67 Value
  • BrowSEO IA - Intelligent Automation - $1,997 Value
  • BrowSEO IA Built in Modules
  • Facebook Automation - $197 Value
  • Google Plus Automation - $197 Value
  • Pinterest Automation - $197 Value
  • Twitter Automation - $197 Value
  • Reddit Automation - $197 Value
  • IFTTT Automation - $197 Value
  • BrowSEO Curation - $97 Value
  • BrowSEO Task Force - $197 Value


UNANNOUNCED BONUS!! YouTube Uploader $497 ValueNever Before Seen

Limitless YouTube Uploader

Upload, manage, organize unlimited YouTube accounts with never before seen multi uploading capabilities and on the fly management. Valued at $497

Limitless will be released in a few weeks and and as BrowSEO Member you get full access to this ground breaking new YouTube uploading software before anyone else!

Your Total Value - $ 5,386.00 !

On top of that, you also get over $500,000 of experience gained through trial and error needed to develop every module into a marketer’s dream.

So now everything you do online in your SEO or Social Media marketing or both will be amplified and automated giving you back your life.

Sometimes, I feel guilty just watching it do my work for me!

Listen, once we get 100 members for V3 we’re closing the doors and will be adding all the final bells and whistles and deal with whatever bugs we may come across, then the price goes up.

Now, you know I am not going to charge you $4,428.00 for BrowSEO even though with all the new features coming, the value will keep going up and be totally justified.

You’re not even going to invest half at $2,214.00 or even $1107.00 a year - but for the FIRST 100 members, you will get BrowSEO v3 for only $67 per month.
Or, if you rather do the yearly option, you can get grandfathered in for only $497 per year.

Your Purchase Is 100% Risk Free!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If after using BrowSEO for 30 days and you still want to go back to pulling your hair out, then it means you haven’t even tried using BrowSEO! You have 30 days! Just spend 10 minutes setting up your first persona and we guarantee you will fall in love.

If after setting up your first profile and using Facebook and Twitter and Gplus and ANY other site with no limitations and would rather do things in a suckier way you have 30 days to decide before your doomed to greatness.

Ok, so what's the catch?

Well there isnt really any catch but as soon as we sell 100 this pricing will be gone forever, just to recap when I first launched BrowSEO over a year ago to tiny group of customers as pre beta it was free...

Then we opened a paid beta at $197, then the price rose to $247 as we got things together - the next price rise was to of $297 as it grew.

While we worked hard in the back making BrowSEO even better and adding features we can only dream of until now the Price rose to $297 a year and $497 for the lifetime.

Now with v3 automation the support and development is more intensive we are at a point where we have hit nirvana - the price for Nirvana peace of mind and a stress free social media and SEO life is only $497 a year and you get locked in for life.

Get Grandfathered In Before The Price Increases!

Listen, there’s never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to get started on this.

Every year we will increase the price and add more value… this is your ONE-TIME opportunity to get ALL access for as low as only $67 per month.

Brian Parnall

BrowSEO is my one stop “SEO and Social Media” shop, along with the VA management. I have over 10 VA’s currently using BrowSEO and speaking purely SEO, this software is a godsend. PBN persona’s created, saved and providing higher ranking power due to whois data being public, all with a surrounding set of social media profiles that drive traffic to the PBN and ultimately the money sites…



Brian Parnall
David Espaillat

BrowSEO has now become a part of our ranking process and is the next tool you should be investing in if you’re serious about your SEO results and automation.

Didn’t know it at the time but we didn’t just invest in the tool, we also got Simon as a bonus. He is consistently adding to the software and is always in the Facebook group delivering great value. The industry def needs more stand up developers like him, thanks buddy.

David Espaillat
Rui Pereira

Browseo is like having access to an endless supply of the baddest, fiercest ninja warriors known to man.

Only these warriors almost never die and always show up and always get the job done… Seo Mastery at your fingertips.

Rui Pereira
Christine F. Abela

Browseo is an indispensible tool for my SEO work. There is no way I could manage all I do without it. Well I suppose I could hire a small army of VAs, but I am all for automation wherever possible.

And using BrowSEO, is MUCH easier than managing VAs! I love BrowSEO, and I wish Simon all the luck in the world. He has worked so hard and over-delivers ALL the time.

Christine F. Abela

Damon Nelson  - VidMinions Endorsement

So no more logging into deleted and banned accounts, no more losing data, passwords, proxies, sites, anything ever again.

BrowSEO takes the weakest points of SEO and Social Media marketing and turns them into its superpowers, saving your cookies, cache, history, site info logins, for every persona so all you have to do is…

… one click to open the project and another click to login if you’re not already.

That means changing proxies is an absolute breeze and your still logged in even after changing them - that’s the power of BrowSEO.

BrowSEO is like commanding an army of SEO and Social Media accounts to help you rank and drive traffic with ease.

BrowSEO will force you to be a more effective online marketer whether your focus is SEO or Social media or both. Stay in control of every element of your traffic funnel and be more productive than you have ever been before.

With the ability to segment every campaign and project - you have never seen anything like this before.

Don’t waste any more time with your current SEO and Social Media campaigns…

Invest today for a limited time it is as low as $497 per year.

That's over 90% off the original price tag.

Plus, there is absolutely no risk on your part because your covered by a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

You literally have nothing to lose.

If you’re like the rest of my customers -right now you’re getting butterflies in your belly thinking of all the possibilities you have at your fingertips, racing thoughts of how you’re going to implement BrowSEO in your marketing strategy

Click The Button Below Now...

BrowSEO Solo 3.0 Annual

Get BrowSEO For a Full Year - with ALL Updates Included!

fade-leftfade-rightNEW PRICING STRUCTURE!

BrowSEO Solo 3.0 Monthly

Get BrowSEO Monthly - with ALL Updates & Modules Included!

This is Simon and I want to say thanks for reading his letter. I hope you enjoyed learning about this revolutionary SEO and Social media toolkit.

Take action now and experience the power today!


Simon Dadia

sion casual


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is BrowSEO +

The worlds first dedicated SEO and Social Media Marketing BrowSER - Browse and engage with unlimited social media accounts and find the best performing content for any niche

Q) What does BrowSEO do? +

Automate the web, every page and task online from research to posting content and engaging your target audience directly.

Q) Who is BrowSEO made for? +


Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketers

Marketing Manager

Online Entrepreneurs

Marketing Directors

And anyone else doing any kind of internet marketing.


P.S. So if you want to save money and get in now before the price goes up now is the time, you also have nothing to lose since there is a 30 day no questions asked cash back guarantee and as you saw so many people are using BrowSEO successfully and you get all the bonuses that may come down at any time - click the buy button now.

P.P.S. If you don’t get BrowSEO then things will stay the same, account will get banned, traffic will be lost, money and time spent on irrelevant marketing and if you keep looking for a magic push button solution you’ll find yourself with things getting a little bit worse before it’s too late - Get BrowSEO now and get back in control.